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Our Pricing Explained....

Cake pricing will vary from one cake artist to another, it is dependant on many factors and the skills of the cake designer will have a prominent impact on cost. My pricing very much reflects my years of experience, the superior quality of cake and flawless finishes I am known for, the delicately realistic hand-made sugar flowers, 
and also the exclusive level of service you receive. To get started with an approximate figure for costs, here are a few things we need to look at..... firstly, we need to understand your wedding cake vision - the size, level of décor and intricacy of design will all affect pricing. Our enquiry form will also ask for further details such as venue name (so we can calculate distance for the delivery costs) and number of guests (to enable us to advise the most appropriate size); these things are essential to give you an initial quote.

Please note our minimum order value for weddings between April to October is £650. 
(This applies to new bookings only).

Initial correspondence will establish if we are available for your date based on the above information and where possible we will give an indication on cost. If unsure on design details we will give you an approximate cost with starting price and average costs based on your guest numbers but as all designs vary this is just an indication and a wedding cake with a more décor may be higher than average costs. 


2023 Price GUIDE

Average investment is for a moderately decorated wedding cake, for more intricate and complex designs or larger numbers of sugar flowers the costs will be higher.

6 tier wedding cakes start from £1,250.

For larger designs or more information please contact us for a quotation.

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tier sizes

wedding portions

starting price

average INVESTMEnt

4" 6" 8"

5" 7" 9"

4" 6" 8" 10"

4" 6" 8" 10" 12"

5" 7" 9" 11" 13"










£600 - 750

£725- 875

£800- 950

£1000- 1300

£1150- 1400

5" 7" 9" 11"



£900 - 1050


Our luxury wedding cakes are bespoke, therefore individually priced depending on size, complexity of design and flavours. Costs for delivery and set-up are not included in the below estimations. For weddings 2024 onwards please ask for details of cost increases per year.

For cakes of 6 or more tiers the bottom tiers will be done as dummy cakes.
Additional cutting cakes can be provided if more cake is required.

When looking at sizing you do not need to cater for all guests as its unlikely that everyone will want cake, we therefore suggest catering for about 80% of guests.

Jenna Meeking Photography

3 tier design with gold leaf and stencilled accents and fresh flowers (not included in cost). 90 portions. 

3 tier white and silver wedding cake with 2 clusters of sugar flowers. 65 portions. £POA

3 tier design with acrylic separators and sugar flowers.65 portions. £POA

3 tier rose gold ruffle wedding cake with rose gold glitter and cluster of sugar flowers. 80 portions. £POA

3 tier design with gold leaf and sugar flowers. 90 portions. £POA

4 tier grey marbled design with fresh flowers (not included in costs). 125 portions. £POA

3 tier geometric wedding cake with hexagonal bottom tier and separator. 120 portions. £POA

4 tier design with hand piped details, clear separators and glitter tier with fresh flowers (not included, provided by florist). Photo by Marie Anson. 125 portions. £POA

4 tier rose gold glitter wedding cake with 2 clusters of sugar flowers. 125 portions. £POA

4 tier silver marble wedding cake with silver leaf and 2 cluster of sugar flowers. 125 portions. £POA

4 tier wedding cake with gold separators and fresh flowers (not included in costs). 180 portions. £POA

4 tier blue wedding cake with ripped ruffles, stencilling and fondant applique details. Emma Ryan Photography. 125 portions. £POA

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4 tier wedding cake (hidden 4th tier) with gold leaf and sugar flowers. Floral skirt not included. 90 portions. £POA


4 tier pink and gold ruffle wedding cake with textured flake tier, rose ruffles and side cascade of sugar flowers. 115 portions. £POA


4 tier pink wedding cake with torn edge ruffles, sugar flowers, stencilling and fondant applique details. 125 portions. £POA


4 tier wedding cake with extra tall glittery tier, 3 clusters of sugar flowers and clear separators. 145 portions. £POA


4 tier wedding cake design with 3 clusters of sugar flowers, fan ruffles and gold glitter tier. Freya Raby Photography. 125 portions. £POA


5 tier ivory wedding cake with rose ruffles, hand piped details and 2 clusters of sugar flowers. Jon Cripwell Photo. 200 portions. £POA


5 tier design with ruffles, 2 glitter tiers, large sugar flower arrangement and a smaller top cluster. 220 portions. £POA

6 tier design with personalised monogram and a cascade of sugar flowers. Tabitha Stark Photography. 125 portions. £POA


6 tier wedding cake with 4 clusters of sugar flowers and gold leaf accents. Sophie May Photography. 245 portions. £POA 

4 tier design with gold separators, edible prints (fresh flowers not included). Sarah Cooper Photography. 140 portions. £POA


4 tier pink ruffle wedding cake, white glitter and 3 clusters of sugar flowers. 125 portions. £POA

3 tier square white with draped fondant and large cluster of sugar flowers. 100 portions. £POA




6 tier wedding cake with cascades of sugar flowers and ornate detailing. 210 portions. £POA